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Botox And Fillers: Are Facial Injections Right For You?

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If you want to achieve more flawless skin and make your face look fuller and less wrinkled, then you may want to think about facial injections such as Botox and other similar injected facial fillers. Some types of facial injections are designed to relax facial muscles and smooth out the skin, while others are designed to fill in the skin to make it more supple and full for a youthful appeal.

Are facial injections, such as Botox and fillers, ultimately right for you? Use this guide, along with the assistance of your cosmetic surgeon or specialist, to help you decide. You'll have a consultation before you receive treatments, and you may need to go in for multiple treatments to get the results you want, depending on what you're trying to accomplish.

You don't have reactions to facial injections

Have you had a Botox injection or filler in the past with no reaction to the ingredients? Are you confident you are not allergic or sensitive to what's inside facial injections? The best results will happen if you are not sensitive to injections and are able to receive them without swelling, redness, or allergic reactions, so speak about any current skin conditions or sensitivities you have with your cosmetic specialist before getting any type of facial injection.

You don't have ample work to be done

Facial injections are designed to help improve the appearance of those who use them but do not give the same drastic results as cosmetic surgery might. If you have sagging skin or very deep wrinkles, then facial injections can help to a point, but may not correct all the things you want to have improved. If you simply need maintenance work done on your face, then facial injections can work great for you. Your cosmetic surgeon or specialist can show you ways you can improve fine lines around your eyes, mouth, forehead, and more using facial injections and fillers.

You don't mind repeat visits

What makes facial injections and fillers great is this: the results are lasting but not so permanent they don't need touch-ups now and again. If you don't mind repeat visits to the cosmetic specialist to keep your facial injections in check and working as they should, then these procedures can be great for you. Done professionally, Botox injections and facial fillers offer natural results that you can enjoy and will help you feel even better about your skin.